Invitation for iOS Yeelight beta

Thanks so much

-Ferny Morales

I appreciate it!

Please consider me for beta testing.

Still waiting for review. It is up to Apple for when you can see it :slightly_smiling_face:

For iOS

would love to try this for iOS.

could you please let me on the iOS beta once it’s available.

Seems my invitation is still pending for iOS

I would love to participate but I don’t want to put my iCloud email acccount in a publically viewable forum. Perhaps you could give us an email address to contact.
I would strongly advise others and Yeelight to consider the implications of posting your iCloud email address in an open forum.

You can contact them directly by clicking on a staff members icon and clicking email

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Hi, I would love to try the beta app. My email:

It will be a pleasure to test the iOS app. I’ve got a Google home too. Here’s my email :

hi pls add

Beta email just been released :slight_smile:

here I come! and I have a alexa linking problem with the newest ceiling light! 我来!