Colour Bulb 1S connects to Homekit but not the Yeelight App

I’ve seen a lot of the opposite happening with bulbs not connecting to Apple Homekit, but I have an issue with the bulb not connecting to the Yeelight app (iOS). To clarify, it does connect to the app at the very start, but if the bulb gets disconnected, it won’t reconnect to the App again, but can still be reconnected via Homekit.

The issue can be resolved by resetting, deleting the existing device and re-adding it, but it is not a permanent solution and I don’t want to keep doing this everytime my kid turns off the light with the light switch rather than the app. I can still control the bulb with Homekit, but I used scenes and customizations from the app which I cannot use anymore once the bulb disconnects.

Has anyone else had a similar issue and possibly a solution?

I have the exact same problem!!!

I have this problem also.

I use a Iphone for setup.
Homekit/siri works fine

The native app says that the device is offline.
Alexa sees 2 of 4 bulbs, and the 2 it sees are offline, but worked this morning.

Each of the bulbs that no longer work hard their firmware updated.

thanks to anyone that can help,

The bulbs are great - when they work. The App, and the connection with Alexa is terrible.
the homekit integration works great.