Yeelight Willow lightstrip

After power off and back on showing in Xiaomi Home app offline. Deleted device. Can’t reset and get back to work. Please see video

I can’t believe this is broken. Maybe I do something wrong. Please help me.

I has the same situation. Strip works about month. January 1st was several AC power OFF at my flat. After turn ON internet was disappeared. Led turn on every time when power was ON. I switch off strip physically because cant OFF it without internet. When internet start work, I swith ON stripe, but it starts blink. As i understood it was reset. I tryed start to add it again in the application. There is a time out in last step. But when I entered apps again, the strip was online and worked. All old scenarious works also. All OK seems. But after a couple of hours I see that stripe name was changed to default. I try to change it in the app, at this moment the application is frozen. When I restart it, stripe was offline. And after it no any reaction. 5 times On/Off also not help. Led not light. ;(( Strange situation.