Yeelight Color 1S is dimming to 1% at 45% and below

Hey guys
2 of my yeelight bulbs is dimming to what is equal to 1% even if I only want them to dim to 30 or 40%. At 45% and above the bulbs go to the right dimming setting, but as soon i hit 44% and below it is the same as setting them to 1%. If I reset the bulb, and update the firmware (or not update the firmware, dosent matter for this problem) it works fine again for the next couple of hours, but then the mistake happens again.

Also if I have the bulbs set to around 2700k white and dimming them to 45% and below, it gets the same as having a bulb on red at 1%. I can also reset this error, but it will happen again after a few hours.

Are my bulbs broken, or is there a fix around this?

Thanks so much :slight_smile:


now all of the bulbs does this. in fact 55% - 100% seems to be the only dimming able to.

I discovered one of my two bulbs is behaving exactly the way you described. Did you ever find a solution?

Ever find a solution? All 9 of my bulbs do this and I wish I can actually dim from 45% to 1%