Filament bulb won't reset

I’ve purchased 3 yeelight filament bulbs.
Connected 2 of them without any issue.
Can’t connect the 3rd bulb.
When I turn on and off the light 5 times in order to reset it, it won’t blink. Sometimes it even won’t turn on (although the switch is set to “on”) and only if I turn it off and then on again it will light.
It started to blink once but never stopped blinking.
I put it back in the box and tried again after a few hours, same behavior.
Any suggestions?

Hi nisht1,
I am having the exact same problem.
Tried resetting the lamp in the ‘normal’ way, 5x 2s on and 2 s off. However, the only result I have is that every time I switch on my lamp, 50% of the time it turns continously on, 50% continously off.

I cannot get the lamp to connect to the miio_default access point nor the Yeelight factory app.

Anything else I can try?

Waste of money and time. Seems like it’s a defect one