Unable to add Yeelight LED Bulb (Color) Connects but no message sent - SOLVED

Mainland China server
IOs Mi app, version 5.2.1
Yeelight color bulb YLDP06YL

i connected and added this bulb to app successfully. was able to control it and change colors. then i deleted the device and wanted to reconnect. i reset bulb by turning on/off 5 times. connect to bulb wi-fi. it connects. but then times out when trying to send messages. I have tried the same with singapore server. i have logged out of apip and back in.

Oh wow… I solved it! Using Iphone, i closed Mi app. then went into phone settings and searched for Mi app. There it lists what permissions the app is allowed and I found that “use local network” was turned OFF. Not sure why… but turned it on, then redid “add device” process and it worked!