Yeelight YLDD05YL 1S

Hello Team and the users

Can you please let me know the diferences from the old one Aurora Lightstrip Plus to this new model Yeelight YLDD05YL 1S?

Is only the apple home kit support and siri commands?

Thank you in advance for your support and best regards

Hello. I’m using the Yeelight Led Lightstrip 1 YLDD05YL model, the only difference I noticed, are the more vivid colors (red, green and violet) and decrease the brightness density a little more, compared to the previous model. However, I am having problems with the product regarding color control and brightness density in the Yeelight app. I believe that this problem must occur in the Yeelight application with the device’s firmware.

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Thank you for your reply @seiya00

Yes, but this is a new modelo I think Yeelight YLDD05YL 1S with 1S as a diference …and I also think that the diference is related to the apple home kit integration, But I don’t know …

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