Whiteglow Panel Ceiling Light 30x30 wifi problem

I have problem with wifi connection with both of my white glow panels 30x30 (I have two identical). I have very strong Router with optical fiber connection and it is placed 8 meters from lights. I even bought xiaomi wifi extender and placed it 2 meters from panels and problem is the same.

In xiaomi home app there is always information that “device signal is poor” and package loss is more than 30% and sometimes more than 70%. Event when extender is 2meters from panels.

I use automation with motion sensor, and when it should turn off lights because of no motion, it fails in more than 50% cases logging that device is offline or there is an timeout. Firmware is 2.0.66_0021 and there is no newer one.

I have may of lamps from your company (including ceiling 320, 480 and 600) and many Philips ZhiRuis that are placed further from wifi router and there is no problem with them.

What can I do about it?