Problems with firmware 2.0.6_0065

Hello, all my lamps in this firmware (7 bulbs) keep going completely offline, including the yeelight app and in the local control! This is a huge problem and makes me regret ever making a update! I was problem free for months and decided to update to this version! The problems started in the next day! Now every random hours I get almost all my bulbs offline and removed from any control, cloud or local!

Please check this!
Thank you

Same here - RGBv1 and RGBv2 bulbs are going offline every X hours - tried reset, tried changing servers, using LAN control for ages and now all of sudden they are disappearing.

Nothing changed on my network side for good 6 months, bulbs were stable with this firmware for good 8 months I beleive - last time we had some issues (more users were affected) in October 2019?