Yeelight ceiling lamp (YLXD50YL) connection issues

Hello, I have five YLXD50YL ceiling lamps connected to my home WIFI network. All of them have connection issues: periodically, 5-10 times per hour they go offline. Ping is showing 10-15 % of loss packets (but signal strength is good). I tried several routers and access points - no changes. Firmware version is 2.0.6_0020. Also i have YLXD02YL ceiling lamp and two beside2 lamps - they work fine with the same network environment. What could be the problem? Is it related to hardware or firmware?

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I am having the same problems, with the same product and firmware version.
Once it disconnects, it only connects again after a turn-off/turn-on cycle.

All my other yeelights work fine.