Troubles with yeelight 2 via Google home

Hi, I am having troubles controlling my yeelight via Google home.
Via yeelight app and via xiaomi app everything works fine but Google can’t set the cold white properly : it result a mix of colors instead of the cold white, and the brightness is very low even if I set it at 100%. This happen via Google home app and also via voice command.
I tried to reset bulb, change name, disconnect yellight and xiaomi app from Google and reconnect. No way to obtain the real white… Only a white generated by mixing rgb colors.
My ID is 6203141156, the bulb firmware is 1.4.2_0076

In the past everything worked fine.

Any information needed, ask for it.
Thnaks for helping


Same issues exactly… it’s been like this for a while with no one from YeeLight responding to the issues

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I see… Some post made after mine got support, but no one answer here :confused:

@yusure do you know how can we do here?

Any news please?

Still can’t get out of this, guys :sob:

I overcame this by only using Yeelight app ( add there the bulb) and then add the Yeelight account in Google Home. Now the colors are working well and the briteness is full for each white. Do not use MiHome app, if you have it unlink the account for it in GH.

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I can’t unlink the mi home app, because of I have some devices ( such as air purifier) which are only controlled by Mi home app :frowning:

In this case create 2 separate account for both apps, one for Mi Home where you have all your devices and one for yeelight where you add your bulbs, this is what I did and it works.

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This is the best temporary solution I got… Thanks a lot! No one of yeelight staff is helping anyway, after 20 days… wow… Thanks Andy, I’ll do like you said meanwhile.

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I’m glad this helped, I got rid of the problem , I returned the Xiaomi Bulb and bought a Yeelight 1S (the new gen) :slight_smile:

This is incredible… No one from yeelight still have answered this… Wow…