Yeelight not connecting to google home

Hi Yeelight team,
I’m having issues adding my Yeelight to google home. No error, everything goes through but doesn’t add. Please advise.

Me too

Moi aussi et personne ne comprend et aucune communication de chez yeelight apparemment sa fait venir de chez eux car on trouve toujours l’application dans Google home

My Yeelight not working in Google Home.
Unable to unlink or even link to Google Home. Please help.
Now I can only use Yeelight to control my lights. Google Home not working anymore

ID: 1687330491

Same issue…please help

Hello, i can add yeelight to Google Home but they cannot be set as light group in Mi Home. If i set some light as light group in Mi Home, they will dissapear from Google Home from both account (normally i have them 2x there, one form Mi Home acc, one from Yeelight acc.) Is this normal behavior?