Wrong colors for Mi Bedside Lamp 2 and RGB bulb 2 in Google Home

Cool white, daylight and ivory colors are greenish for these devices.
This problem does not appear on the bulb if I link it to G home with Yeelight skill, but I can’t link my bedside lamp and my desk lamp with it.
Also, I can’t control the color of my RGB strip when linking it with Mi Home skill, but it has been referenced to in another issue
So now to use all of my devices with G home in some way I have to link both Yeelight (for the strip and the bulb)
and Mi home (for the desk lamp and the bedside lamp) and it leads to duplicates of devices
How do I deal with this?
My MI ID: 1781394935

Pair everything to Yeelight app and use needed alexa skill or google home integration. Don’t use Yeelight and Mi Home skills at once, because you will get duplicate devices.

Mijia desk lamp and bedside lamp 2 do not appear in my Google home devices list if I only link my Yeelight account

i have the same issue with Bedside Lamp 2: if i try to set different tones of white in the lamp via Google Home, they are set as RGB colors and not “white light” with a certain temperature. this makes the lamp less bright than it could be. the lamps are exposed to Google Home via Mi Home, and i’m able to control them from Yeelight and Mi Home apps perfectly.

if found two workarounds:

  • created SEVERAL scenes that set the desired white temperatures, and i “activate” those scenes from Google Home (the scenes are available from Yeelight intregration only)
  • linked Mi Home to Smart Things, and then linked Smart Things to Google Home, which made the lights work as intended. sadly, Smart Things kept losing the lights, they became “offline” one by one, and i could not find the exact reason yet.

can anyone from Yeelight comment on these please?