Smart Light Strip - Constant Disconnection in APP (AFTER UPDATING)

Hello dear Yeelight team,

Unfortunately I updated my led strip and smart bulb (v2), both stopped working or are constantly disconnected.

Please whitelist me to try to fix it. Thank you.


Server North America

Hello, whitelist has no help your issue. Have you tried reset your bulb and connect it?

Thank you very much for your reply.
I didn’t expect it to be that fast … but it feels good haha.

I have been using Yeelight devices for a long time and had not updated them because I knew that after that they would start to crash.

But coincidentally I did and the problems started.

  • I have factory reset the equipment.

  • I removed the devices from the Yeelight APP.

  • I removed the association with Google Home.

  • I disconnected them for several days.

  • I sent bug report.

It seems to me that it is a matter of firmware rather than hardware.

I hope some opinion, thanks in advance. :smile: