Yeelight 650 latest updated + Yeelight App BUG

Hello, this week both firmware and Android App were updated. I own 4 yeelight 650 ceiling lights, and all of a sudden now I can not change the hue of the ambilight using the official Yeelight App (Android) in any of them.

I can change the hue using the remote or the yeelight smart switch, but not using the Yeelight App.

Please fix it.

And also, we have been YEARS asking for scenes that manage ambilight + main light together. Please, take us into account, we have spent many money in your products and they are missing basic functionality

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We will check it.

Hi, Alvaro
We have a test on Yeelight app 3.2.45, Firmware version 2.0.6-0056. It worked well. Could you tell us the firmware version and Yeelight App of your bulb? Can you change the color of the Ambilight?

Thank you for your response, I do appreciate it.

  • App version 3.2.45 (Android 7, Samsung Galaxy S6).
  • Smart Ceiling light 650, firmware version: 2.0.2_0056.

For whatever reason, after the Firmware + App updates, I’ve got 3 copies of each lamp. It happened to all my Yeelight 650 lamps (I have several of them in my house), all of them were multiplied by 3.


Finally I managed to solve it. To fix the problem, I followed these steps:

  1. Remove the light (3 times each)
  2. Add the light
  3. Now it works

Since this is the first time a Yeelight staff member is replying me, (which I really appreciate), I would please beg you to implement a feature to have custom scenes in which both: main light + ambientlight are managed as a single scene, so you can easily swap between your favorite configurations. This is a basic feature, community has been asking for it during years… we have spent much money in what is supposed to be one of the most premium Yeelight lamps, so it could be nice to take us into account.

Thanks a lot!