Why the 1S bulb only works in google home with yeelight service?

I have a big problem.

I have in my house almost 15 Yeelight wifi color lamps and I integrated them in google home using the xiaomi service (because I have a vacuum cleaner and other integrated mi home products), it turns out that I bought a 1S lamp and it only appears in the Google Home app , or Alexa, if I integrate the Yeelight service.

This creates a GIANT problem, because I have all the duplicated lamps in my system.

Someone went through this, can you solve it?

Yea, just move duplicate lights to some non existing room and name them to different name and ignore them :slight_smile:

This is one idea, but this is not a smart idea.
Because, if i say “good night” to my voice assistant her will try set off the lamp 2 times.

That is not a problem is it, since the lamp is already off, it happens to me all the time in my rules in MiHome when I use some timing function… I see no other way to do it, if you do please advise :slight_smile:

To me this is not a solution.
when a need to know how much bulbs has in my house the assitant will say a twice.

The solution is Xiaomi show de 1S model in assistants in the xiaomi service.

Ah, c’mon, really? You ask assistant how many bulbs you have? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sorry, but…
do you use google home?
when you say: google good night (for example)
all buls will set off and after google will say how much bulbs set off.

again, xiaomi need work like japanese or german way, and correct the mistake.
only this

You can customize all “scenes” to turn on or off devices you like…

The Japanese or German equivalent may cost 10 times.