Control Yeelight Lightbulbs with Remote Control

I have just bought a number of Yeelight Smart LED Bulb White(YLDP15YL) and set those up with Mi Home, Yeelight (app) and Google Home. It works flawlesly (Mainland Chine). But with the bulbs I also bought the Yeelight Remote Control(YLYK01YL) but I can’t seem to pair it. I followed the instructions. Turned off the light bulbs from the source. Turned them back on. Pressed OFF and M at the same time and the light on the remote indicates that its in pairing mode, but the light bulb never flicker to show that its connected.

Can someone offer some assistance please.

Remote with bulbs?? First I hear about that… bulbs don’t have BLE, remote is only for ceiling lights, as far as I know…

shame i cant connect it with the mi gateway either to control the bulbs :frowning:

You can use smart cube, that works with gateway :slight_smile: