Disable cloud completely

How can I use Yeelight locally ONLY? I want to get rid of any and all cloud features. I control my Yeelight with a Raspberry Pi and I constantly hit the “client quota”. As far as I understand, this quota is because of the cloud rate limit. In such case, I want to remove the cloud completely. How can I do that?

In the app, for each lamp, enable what I think is called Developer mode, or Network mode, Local mode, or similar. Then you can control the lamp over the local network with the API Yeelight has documented (search for it). There are many available libs for this for all kinds of languages. There is still a limit of commands per minute, 60 I think.

If you don’t want the lamp to talk to the cloud I guess you can block internet access for it in your wifi router.

To be honest, what I ultimately want is to not have the 60 command limit. Is there a way around this? If it’s local there is no reason to have this limit.

There is music mode which doesn’t have this limit. Download pdf with API specification to see how to activate music mode.

Thank you, I think this will get the trick done! :slight_smile: