Connection timed out yeelight

Anyone can help me? I can’t connect my LED Bulb Color to Yeelight or MiHome app anymore.

It was connected, but, suddenly stopped.

Now, when I try to connect, i only get connection timed out.

I’m from Brazil, and my girlfriend’s light also stopped (same error)

Does anyone can help me? I miss my light =(

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O problema continua? Quando aconteceu isso outra vez eu troquei de servidor, mas agora nenhum deles funciona. Também troquei de operadora e modem, pode ser isso, mas liberei firewall, etc e nada. Peo que vi no fórum parece que foi uma atualizaçao do firmware que ferrou.

Same thing for bedside lamp v1 too.

I have the same issue
Could anyone help me, please?

I already tried to change the server, use the DNS from google and even disable 5GHz wifi, but nothing worked

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I’ve this same issue. I just bought a Mi Yeelight Color Bulb yesterday, but i haven’t been able to have a proper setup (also get the connection timed out or something related to the router/internet connection).

Could it be a server-related error? Hope we can get a fix.

The same problem in my case, im from Spain and the same, suddenly disconnect and when im trying to reconnect, I only get connection time out.
Mi Bulb is YEELIGHT LED Smart Bulb 1S, 8.5 W

Try changing the server