Add option in settings to maintain music mode ON even if the app crashes

I’m running Android 10. There’s plenty of RAM left on the system 2.4GB out of 6GB and the battery manager is set to not restrict the actions of Yeelight app. But the Yeelight app continues to close after a couple of minutes running music mode.

It’s so frustrating and infuriating because music mode doesn’t work in the background. After the app reopens it doesn’t remember the state it was, and music mode is Stopped and I have to manually turn on everything again.

It’s unusable for even short time periods I’m not even gonna mention a party because despite the hardware being awesome the software doesn’t prioritizes Music Mode at all.

Please at least add an option in local cache so that the app remembers the state of music mode when the app crashes so that when it is reopened I don’t have to manually set everything again.

The notification music flow is showing up but it didn’t prevent app from being closed