Unable to Link YeeLight services to Google Home App

Hello Forumites,

My name is Shin, I live in Malaysia. I’ve purchased 2 unit of Yeelight (COLOR) bulb recently and got it working fine over on the yeelight app. I tried adding it’s services to google home app afterwards but it keeps showing me pop out boxes such as “signing in…” then linking your yeelight account…" after that it automatically brings me back to the setup screen. I have tried numerous time and it did not worked. Last night i realized it was shown (Yeelight 5 devices linked over at the page where we search for services to link) 5 devices? Not sure what went wrong but I hope you guys can provide me the support I need.

PS: I have also tried linking with Mi Home App same story as above.
My Mi ID :1625339432

Btw if anyone is wondering what server I’m using for Yeelight it would be Singapore.