YeeLight Color Bulb going offline after router reboot


After I reboot router, my Bulb is going offline and not going back even after few hours. Mi LED Desk Lamp is going normally online after few seconds.
I’m using Xaomi Router 4A.
Any ideas ?

Thanks for any advices!

Some of my lamps are just not reconnecting after wifi reboot. I have to power cycle them. Luckily I kept physical switches where I could.

Hi. That was the problem for me too. Try to connect bulbs to your router’s guest wifi network, if you can. It work for me on a tp-link router.

Yes this is sometimes happening to me as well, but not much, like from my 10 Yeelight lights like maybe 1 doesn’t connect. It is easy to resolve, just turn off, leave like 10-15 minutes and turn on… I don’t reboot router often, or better, not at all since there is no reason except when you change some settings or update firmware…