Bulbs not responding and not setup anymore

I’ve recently bought 2 Yeelight color bulb.
They worked fine until today.
I tried to turn them on with Alexa but they won’t respond, from YeeLight app they seems offline, so I tried to pair again them but the setup is stuck at 25% saying that there’s a connection timeout error, but my connection works fine.
I’m the only? What I have to do now?

I think there is something wrong with the servers today, all 13 of my lights have gone offline and I am unable to add new bulbs. Normally this is never an issue.

It seems that is a server issue :sob:

I also have 2 yeelight color bulb and both stopped working today, I tried to reset and connect again on the wifi but now I get error when trying to connect too

Yes you are right. The issue was fixed, have a try.

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