Yeelight 1S (YLDP13YL) flickering on color PINK

Hi. Weird issue, but I’m sure it’s a firmware one which could be fixed easily.

When asking Google or Siri to turn the lamp color to pink… there is a very mild flickering action happening with the light. It’s almost like the simulated candle mode, but less frequent. Switching it to another color (e.g. BLUE) gets rid of this flicker.

I got multiple lights in different sockets and they all do this on the color pink.

Firmware version 1.3.18 – but I’m scared of updating firmware from reading all the comments of lights stopping to work. Was this issue fixed already? Safe to update?

I just updated to latest firmware - no issues in Europe though… I notice though that I needed to change the default state setting to not save automatically - per light. I was experiencing something similar when I was changing intensity - lights would go to flow state since that was last auto saved state… annoying till I figured this out.