What's difference between YLTD06YL and YLTD08YL? (Yeelight LED Vision Desk Lamp V1)

You have lamp Yeelight LED Vision Desk Lamp V1, but in different implementations (and various designs).

I found on Russian retailer site lamp (YLTD06YL) : https://world-gadgets.ru/lampa-nastolnaya-yeelight-smart-table-lamp-yltd06yl

What’s difference to compare with model (YLTD08YL): https://www.yeelight.com/en_US/product/vision-pro ?

I’m professional, and for me important to know. Are there in YLTD06YL Bluetooth (connect directly without WiFi), SunLike emitters, and which sensors are different ? I see that colors are different, mean lower part of lamp (V1 White, and V1 Pro Black) what else?