Alexa recognises all my Yeelights except the last 3 I have updated


I am using Alexa with Yeelight skill. All the devices are recogniced by Alexa and they are RGB (verisons V1 and V2), but the problem is that Alexa does not recognice the last 3 ones I have just added.
Yeelight app is working fine, MiHome app is working fine and even Google Home is able to detect the last 3, but in Alexa they do not appear. I am connected to European Server (Germany) in Yeeligh and MiHome apps
Any idea?

I think there is something wrong with the Alexa skill as it doesn’t recognize what colour I’ve set my bulbs to, I’ve pretty much given up with Yeelight, the Devs aren’t interested in fixing any issues, I’ve since moved to ZigBee bulbs, if you want WiFi ones I highly recommend the TP-Link Kasa bulbs