🆕 New Yeelight Smart Curtain Motor 🆕


Can anyone please let me know what kind of rail tracks are available to use on this new motor for Curtain from the yeelight

Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Curtain Motor


Thank you and best regards

It works with regular rail tracks or rods. What matters is the socket. A quick chat tells me it’s a different socket from Aqara/xiaomi motors

what you means about regular rail tracks can I use a simple one buyed on a shop? And regarding the other subject mentioned by you, are you talking about the way to fixed this device to the track or the plug to power this device?

Search for “Aqara curtain track” in Aliexpress. It looks like that but yeelight motor uses a different motor socket. I mean the socket for the motor, not power plug.

Ok thank you for your suggestion but I think is that the aqara ones have more then one version of tracks for the old ones and for the new version but I also think that is not full compatible with this ones in terms of fixing parts …between the tracks and the motors

No but I can’t find listings for the Yeelight motor. So why don’t you chat with customer service and see if they got some for Yeelight

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Ok i will tray to chat with the support team thanks