Yeelight ceiling light 650 burned out

Hello everybody!
I had this situation: I bought a Yeelight LED Ceiling Lamp (650 mm, Standart) (YLXD02YL) through the advertisement. After installation, it worked for 2 hours and turned off. She no longer responds to anything and does not turn on.
I have experience repairing such a technique, so I opened the lamp and made a diagnosis. I found out that the SoC MediaTek mt7697n burned out.
Now I want to ask: how can I order separately a part of the motherboard with this processor or the entire motherboard?
I saw a message on the forum in which administrators advised contacting the seller on Gearbest in order to order this part, but I bought this lamp by an ad in my city from another person.
Dear @HuangXiangyi, can you help me?

For this issue, you should contact the seller for after-sales service.
We don’t sell this part separately overseas.

I called from a service center in Moscow, they said that they don’t have spare parts and they don’t repair it. so I ask here, is there any way to get this part? maybe there are contacts of people from production or their management so that I myself can contact them