Yeelight ceiling light 650 not connecting to the app

Hi, I have the yeelight ceiling light 650.
Until this friday it works fine.
Since Friday, the app shows that the light is offline. I reset it, it blinks, I can show in my WiFi configuration the light, but the app can’t find her.
My WiFi is on 2.4 GHz.
I tried other server but nothing works.
Please help me.

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Android or iOS do you use? Please make sure grant permission of the application so that device could be found.

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I have an iPhone so I use iOS.
The app have all the permissions.
I was able to connect a yeelight bulb with no problem, but I can’t connect the ceiling light. I can see the yeelight-* in the WiFi list but the device not in the list when it searches.

I don’t quite understand, could you show me a picture about the issue?