Yeelight Color 2 Offline after firmware update

Hi. So I bought 2 brand new yelight colour 2’s

Plugged them in. Set up through the app. No problem and working fine.

I see it’s due a firmware update. I click update, the firmware gets to 99% then indicates it looks like it’s done but the firmware update seems to still be available.

I then try to use the bulb through the app and it says it’s offline. It won’t let me do anything. I’ve turned to power off and on and tried to reconnect but nothing. I check my router and the bulb isn’t connected. I’ve tried pinging the bulb but nothing returns.

I then decide to reset the bulb by turning it off and on 5 times. The bulb blinks ready to connect again. I enter the wifi password and then connect to the bulbs WiFi like before. The bulb connect and I move to the next step in the app. It gets to 25% and that’s it. I’ve noticed the bulbs WiFi disconnect and it reconnects to my home WiFi. The 25% then times out and the bulb is still offline.

I decided to buy another bulb, thinking I hopefully had a defective product. I set it up and exactly the same thing happens.

I have two bulbs that don’t work. What can I do apart from ask for a refund? Is it possible to force a firmware update?

My account is 6290149460 and I’m connected to the UK server.

Please help

So to make things weirder I tethered to my wife’s phone. Vodafone and it works. Why is that then? Obviously that’s no good for me as I need to use my home WiFi. I even called her tether the same ssid as my router but it didn’t work unfortunately. Really don’t know what to do here

Right so I resolved the issue. I had to disable WPA3 on my router and now it works as planned. Hopefully yeelight will add support for this soon