Alexa App does not recognise colour

I can change the colour of my 1S bulbs via Alexa using both the app and my voice, however, using the app it does not recognise the colour I have set it to.

It should show here the colour I have set the bulb to, now it doesn’t show, this works fine with bulbs from other manufacturers.

This used to work fine, so am guessing Amazon made an update and the Yeelight skill needs updating.

For example, here is a TP-Link KL-120 bulb connected via the Kasa skill (notice it says “Daylight White”).

Is there any update on this?

Reuploaded the screenshots for reference. Top is Yeelight, bottom is TP-Link

Does anyone else have this issue with Alexa?

Everyone has the same problem, no ambilight integration in Alexa…with Yeelight product.