Ceiling 650 ambi auto off

Hello guys

I have noticed one small but strange thing. I like to have my 650 lighting only ambilight. So I have app I made using API and it sends the commands to the 650, turns on the ambilight. Works fine. But after some time, he ambilight is turned off! As if it automatically turns off like after 15-20 minutes?

This doesn’t happen when I use app or remote to turn on moon or sun mode AND ambilight, only when I use API.

Any ideas?

Which API ? Could you offer more details ?

Standard Yeelight api. I send command to turn on the ambient light and it works.


{“id”:1,“method”:“bg_set_power”,“params”:[“on”, “smooth”, 500]}\r\n

this works. But after some time, it turns off by itself…