Yeelight Bedside Lamp Gen1

I have a Yeelight bedside lamp generation 1, the one with the bluetooth only connectivity.
Since I’ve changed my phone to a Samsung Note 10+ I can’t connect the lamp to the app.
I was able to do it when I had my Samsung Note 8.
I’ve tried to rest the lamp and even reset the phone but nothing.
Bluetooth can’t detect any device no matter what.
I’d appreciate any help.

Hello, I want to confirm something.

  1. Can you connect your lamp by your Samsung note 8 now?
  2. What’s the android system version of your a Samsung Note 10+?
  3. what is the version of your app? If it is not the latest version, you can upgrade to 3.2.36.
  1. The Samsung Note 8 it was on Android 8. Unfortunately, I sold it so I can’t try with it any more.
  2. Samsung Note 10+ is on Android 9.
  3. I basically just install the app from Play Store so it is 3.2.36.

This may be a problem with the firmware. So you need to upgrade the firmware. The bedside lamp will automatically update the firmware when connecting to the mobile phone. So you need to find a mobile phone (ipone or android 8 / android 7) to connect this light. The whole process may take a long time (5-8 minutes). And connecting only once may not upgrade successfully. So you try a few more times.

I just tried on an iPhone 8 Plus and unfortunately it’s still the same.
I guess the bluetooth module on the device is damaged or something.