1% Is far too bright and I want someone from the staff to answer me ASAP this can't keep going anymore

why is it so bright?? it’s like 40%~60% this is getting ridiculous.
You guys keep saying that you can’t do it because of the firmware and that we should buy V3 which is a very stupid answer. just because you can’t make it work doesn’t mean that we should buy the new one.

  1. you had a beta firmware that it worked on so that’s not an excuse. I didn’t have that firmware because you never whitelisted me but a lot of people said that it worked.

  2. even if you can get the brightness down but it messes up the colors, it’s better to have that feature than none at all!
    I mean if it annoys anyone (which I doubt there are way to many conplains), they don’t have to use it. you can do so many things like giving a warning, have a switch that only people that want to use the feature and don’t care about the color below the current 1% brightness, give us the beta firmware back, so many solutions…

  3. if I go into customization and make a scene where it goes from off to 1% over 20 seconds and I start another scene where it pauses the lamp, I can have my low brightness and it works wonderfully. why can’t you implement it in software if I can even “glitch” it in the current version?? why do I need to do the whole thing? which is annoying because I make automate that.
    I have tasker and your lan API is lacking because I cannot pause with it and can’t start a scene with it without the lamp turning on before.

Again, people that care about the color in the low brightness DON’T HAVE TO USE THE LOW BRIGHTNESS, give us, the majority of people that are complaining, our true 1% that we will barely be able to see, it’s not hard, at all.

Excuse me for my english, it’s not my first language, hope everything was understandable.