Can't sync lights in Yeelight app and MiHome

I’ve just bought Mi Smart Sensor Set Global version. And I already head Yeelight strip and white led bulb.
I’ ve installed MiHome when I got sensor set and I tried to set server as mainland china first and also in Yeelight app too. Because they told me they work better on china server. At first my all lights were both in Yeelight app and miHome but then I realized I can’t access to hub in china server because it is eu version. So I switched to Turkey servers on MiHome, and because there is no Turkey server in Yeelight app I choose Europe and Africa (Frankfurt) option.
Now my lights are not in both app and it makes disadvantage to use. I can add shortcuts to Siri from Yeelight app with LAN Control but not from MiHome.
What is the solution for this? Which server should I choose so both apps can see lights?

You can’t. Either buy china or global (international) products… You can use only Yeelights from Yeelight app on any server but in MiHome all has to be on the same server…

Yeah I get that. I’m asking there is no Turkey server in Yeelight app, so I had to choose "Europe and Africa(Frankfurt) server. But in MiHome I choose Turkey server. Which server should I choose in both apps so I can get lights in both apps? I can add lights to MiHome Turkey server but I need to reset them, so they are not on Yeelight app anymore.

You can try the modified MiHome app…

As I get from the topic it looks like for android users. As it says it needed to be created some files in sdcard/…
I don’t get it why Yeelight app and MiHome has the same server options. Or there must be an equal for Turkey server which seems not Europe one.

Yes, it is for Android. It should have some of the region-lock removed.

They use same servers, but Xiaomi enforces geo-locking, while Yeelight doesn’t in their app.

I tried just now. The bulb can be found in Singapore Server when you select Turkey in MiHome.