Google home see more light than I have

I have 3 Color bulb
Recently I had to change one of them because it was dead

Now gooogle home sees 4 bulb and keep to give error at commands

Any help?

@reisub83 Please show me your Xiaomi ID, let me check your device list.

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I had a connected bulb on Singapore server
Now is everything right on g home

Hi, I get almost the same issue. I have 3 yeelights correctly mapped within the app, but both in google home and alexa there is an additional generic yeelight 1s bulb switched on (and that could not be turned off) and that actually is none of the bulbs. All the yeelights are on german server


Well… maybe that zombie bulb on another server, please tell me your Xiaomi ID if you forget it which server, let me take a look, I’ll tell you which server then it would be better you delete it on your Yeelight App.