Failed to connect to Smart LED Bulb after firmware update


I’ve recently got a Yeelight Smart LED bulb1S(Color) aka YLDP13YL. It worked shortly with the Yeelight application on Android: I was able to connect it to my WLAN and control the light colors.

Afterwards I’ve tried to update its firmware to some from inside the Yeelight app. This broke to connection to the bulb inside the app. I’ve resetted the bulb several times, but the Yeelight app was unable to find it.

I’ve installed Mi Home app and try to add the device there. Choose “Mi LED Smart Bulb (White and Color)”. After a failed scan the app asks me to manually connect to a WLAN called “yeelink-light-color3_miapxxxx”. I only see a “yeelink-light-color4_mibtxxxx” after a reset of the bulb. Connecting to it doesn’t work.

Thanks for any suggestions!