The YLXD62YI model works with yeelight app and EU Server?

Please help me with this. I need to clarify this before make my orders.

From what I’ve read, all Yeelight products work on all servers with YEELIGHT APP. The problem is in MiHome app, where there are regional restrictions.

But in every retailer they say only mi home app, and other yeelight lamps say mi home and yeelight app… That’s why I’m asking…

And there’s more yeelight devices that don’t work with yeelight app. ( bathroom heater)

Yes, bathroom heater doesn’t work with Yeelight… but I suppose all lights-only devices should :slight_smile:

I really need a clarification from yeelight staff.

@dingyichen can you please clarify this. I want to buy some new yeelight lamps but i need to bu sure that they will work with yeelight app and EU server.

Yes, yeelight lamps works with yeelight app with all servers.

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