Yeelight 650 Ambilight blue color always on

Hi, I ordered a Yeelight 650 from Aliexpress and the blue light is ALWAYS on, no matter what i do. I have the latest firmware 1.59 if i recall correctly is the version number for it.

When i turn off the light then turn it on from the light switch I have, the blue light always comes on. I can’t turn it off through the app (tried with Android AND iPhone) the remote that’s included. I also tried resetting it multiple times, but even after reset the blue light is still on (and goes on first before the main light if relevant).

When picking colors from the app, it always mixes whatever color i pick with the always-on blue light… I can’t turn it off! At all. Without the main power being disconnected. Please help.

Hi, it looks like a hardware problem, suggest contact your seller to exchange.

Uhh right? I mean, why wasn’t this caught in the testing phase of manufacturing? You only need to plug it in and turn it on to see something is broken… For something that costs 150$ it’s crazy not to have Quality Control.

Also the Mi App does not find it for some reason. Connecting to its wi-fi doesn’t do anything… I have both a 450 and 650… Only works with Yeelight app

Are you on chinese server?

Tried that too after writing my last reply, doesn’t help…

Can the PHASE of the electricity have an effect on this somehow?

Opened the light up today, and the circuits look like this. This lamp was broken from DAY 1!

How can I fix this? The Aliexpress seller didn’t want to replace it back in December, let alone now. They don’t have it in stock anymore even.

@dalanik @rex_yan1

After some investigation turns out one of the rectifiers SF56 is blown, will attempt to replace it. Hopefully it fixes the issue.

I replaced the rectifier, issue still persists. Something else is keeping the blue light always on! Can someone help me?