Yeelight iOS app keeps logging out

The Yeelight iOS app Version 3.3.03 logs out every time i open to use it.

I’m on iOS 13.1.3 iPhone 11 Pro Max

Same here, with
iPhone 6s (iOS 13.2)
iPhone XS (iOS 13.3 public beta)

iPhone 6s iOS 13.1.3 works fine.

Same here, on
iPhone X (iOS 13.2.3)
2018 iPad Pro 12.9 (also on iOS 13.2.3)

Could you pm me the Mi account id and the time when you opened the app and found it was logout?Thanks. @wizzywas @Gnuser @seritias

cant send direct messages

happened for sure monday app. 0915 CET;
current status (after updating iOS ) all devices logged on, one iOS device with all lightbulbs unknown device. simular thing happend on all devices after a yeelight update, only fix back then was to reconfige all bulbs.maybe (but I can’t look in your systems) it is a sollution to clear all devices in your backend

Sorry, I have not got your point clearly.
Could you send me some screenshots or screenvideos, thanks.

One with living room devices online, one with devices offline;
Logon issue appeared multiple times monday&tuessay, ID1757756480

For the offline issue, please logout and re-login.

3.3.5beta from TestFlight.
Could you install the beta version and try to reproduce

I’m faceing the same problem, at least 3 times a week my app logout.

I just installed the beta and I’ll see if it happens too

Thanks for the reply.

Beta app works fine, installed today.
this afternoon - when starting the app, I had to login again (and when doing so, the mi-home app pops up also)
I will check if it’s a one time only thing or not (seems to be once).
This morning when installing the beta, I didn’t fully close the app; after updating and turning on & off the lights I did fully close the app.
Hopefully this is clear enough?

Here’s some screenshots of what’s happening for me.

Logging in at 18:44

Everything seemed fine for a while, but at 19:52, I notice I’m logged out again:

I’ll try the beta now

Ik heb helaas het zelfde. Iedere dag moet ik opnieuw inloggen wordt er gek van! Kan ik nu beter de Xiaomi Home app gebruiken?

This is exactly whats happening to me.
last day its been ok but now Alexa is not recognising lights.

How to download the beta app anyone>?

I’m running the 3.3.05 beta now and unfortunately I’m still experiencing the log out issue.

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Beta do not work on that

Still having issues. anyone from yeelight help or not

The issue seems solved for me now. I’ve stayed logged in for 2 days with no problems, but I’m still not sure what caused this.