One week ago i lost connection

I´ve got 2 ledstrips, since 8 months ago working properly with Mi Home. But one week ago both are permanent disconnected. When i reset them, they connect again, but after a while they disconnect and dissapear from the APP Mi Home. Using always China Server and i didnt do any changes. Do you have some help??


Hello, could you please have a check if the lamps are in Yeelight application?

Better have a check which server do you use in Mihome.

I never use the yeelight app.
At Mi Home App I’m using region Chinese mainland as always.
Yesterday I connected both ledstrips and they were working. This morning they are offline again and don’t working

i continue without solution. They don’t work. Any answer?? :thinking:

What is going on with Yeelight bulbs? I’ve been posting topics and replies since sat Nov 23rd and nobody give us answer about this? Alexa App lost connection. Is it the API, the servers? The licensing? WFT is going on???

Which device do you have? And what’s your xiaomi ID? Could you control the bulbs from Yeelight?

My Xiaomi ID is 1754661886. Actually i have 2 color led strips with firmware 2.0.6_0073
I set them, and one day after are completely disconnected. I should reconnect them again.
What’s the problem, because i’ve got other kind of yeelight lights and they work!!

Power off and power on again of the strip to see if it will back online. If not, reset it and connect it again.

That solution works during a few hours. I can’t do that forever. I want to control them with APP