Lightstrip PLUS disconnects and won't reconnect on German server

Hello Guys,

ID: 1743025219
First the environment:

  • I have 5 LED Bulbs (White, Color, 1st and 2nd Gen)
  • 1 Light Strip Plus (extended to 5m)
  • 1 Roborock
  • All connected to Guest-Wifi 2,4Ghz
  • Wifi shuts down automatically during night time

Now the problem I am facing:
–> Everything is available and online on the chinese Mainland server on the next day.
–> I switched to German server due to performance issues of all devices. The yeelight strip is always offline next morning. Everything else is fine. Strip is not even listed in the router as a client, light is constant blue, but it seems it’s totally offline.

I tried to disable 5GHz but no impact.
Only solution: Unplug. Then it will reconnect.

In general, my environment doesn’t seem to be the issue, because everything is fine on china server.
Why is the strip not able to reconnect on German server?

Your assistance is highly appreciated.
anyone else with same issue?

best regards

Because Xiaomi devices are made for different regions. If your Roborock is european, it will work only on eureopan server. If you bought it from China, it will work only on Chinese server…

I’m sorry, but your answer doesn’t help at all.
Roborock works perfect on both servers.

I was talking about the Yeelight Lightstrip Plus. This device doesn’t “survive the night online” on German servers. Setting it up and using works perfekt on both servers. (EU Plug Version)
On chinese server it still works on the next day. On German servers not.