Yeelight 650 offline problem, help!


My yeelight 650 just went offline.
Today I received an update in yeelight app in play store, now that I got home I opened the app and the light seems to be offline.
I tried in two different phones but no luck.
Up until yesterday I was able to see and control the light through the app.
Today it is offline and even if I reset it it makes no difference.
I also tried to add a new light but this light does not show on the list. W

hen I go in WiFi search in my phone I see that there is a yeelight network, but even if I connect to it I still cannot see the light through the app.
The light works normally as a light via the remote.

Pls help ! My ID is 1862795063


Please try to logout the app and login again.

Hello, please update version to 3.2.31, we have fixed the issue. Thanks for your feedback.

I logged out and in again but then I could not log in. The problem was 100% due to the app 3.2.30, since I then uninstalled it and installed d the previous version and it worked. I will test with 3.2.31 as soon as I get home. Thanks for the quick response!

On another note, I remember since a long time ago that you were to add the music scene function to the light, but so far I have not seen any firmware update. Any plans on implementing it?

Hi, same here. I have an iPhone. There is no update. I have 3.2.02