Yeelight Strip and Yeelight Bulb can't connect anymore

Hello, my Yeelight Strip and Yeelight Bulb (colour 2) had been working fine for many months but suddenly Yeelight app cannot find my 2 devices. Mi Home app also cannot find them anymore…

Every time I try to add new device, it stops at 25% and says “Connection Failed, Please check your device and enter the correct info”…

My Wi-Fi name doesn’t have strange characters… TP-LINK_D956
I’m 99% sure I’m on 2.4GHz as my Macbook is connected to the same router on 2.4GHz.
I only have 1 SSID.
Mode: 11bgn
Security is on WPA2-PSK
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS
DHCP client list does not show my devices

I’m connected to the Singapore server, but I also tried China (mainland) server but same problem.

Please help!! I don’t know what else I can do…

Same ! I am so mad right now i have connected them over 5 times each and I get an failed message. But most of the time i can connect and when i do 1 thing it shows offline again. I can also still use the devices that were already connected to alexa with alexa but i can not connect the new ones. At the moment i don’t have lights in my room because of this !

Any staff or engineer that can help??