Colour bulb shows offline but can connect

I am having an issue where my colour bulb will connect but then shows offline. I am able to send pre programmed states to the bulb but I have no way of tuning it on or off unless I use the plug switch which when powered back on shows a reset bulb. It used to work perfectly but I’m not sure what happened. It definitely has been reset to re add. App closed and opened and it shows in my router. MI ID 6154931519

Please help I’d like to be able to use all the features before such as sunrise to wake me up. Atm it’s just a standard expensive lightbulb.

You mean the bulb often shows offline after you reset and connect it? Have you upgrade your device’s firmware?

Yes that’s correct. It connects vthen immediately shows offline. I have the latest firmware

I have the same problem too :confused: The yeelight was working really fine before yesterday ^^