Offline in app but online in Apple Home and Google Home

My color lights are offline in the Yeelight app but I can control them via Apple and Google. How do I get the yeelight app to recognize that they are on the network? I’ve tried physically turning the lights off and waiting a minute. I tried restarting my iPhone (iOS 13.2).

in some case,such as long time no action in Yeelight app, the token may be invalid. we will fix this problem as soon as posibble, you can try logout Yeelight and relogin to find if this issue gone

Same issue

Same here. After logging out I can’t login anymore (app crashes on login attempt)

is your phone kind of iphone or android set?android app just fix some problem with a new version. you can present some picture in detail so that we can work on it further. thanks

Same. All were offline. I logged in again. Now the 650 stays offline no matter what.