Reset ceiling 650 via remote?

Hi there,

My ceiling light 650 is not controllable via HA or the app anymore, but still via the remote.

Is there any way I can reset the lamp via remote? Or only by turning off the power and turn it on again


Have you changed a new router or change password?

Turn off and turn on five times in a row to reset the lamp.

No the password and the router are the same. This disconnect happens every few month

Ok so there is no reset without the five times power on/off?

When the lamp shows offline, does it still connect to your router?

And also I don’t think you need to reset the lamp to connect again, how about power off and power on, then wait a moment to see if it is back online.

It doesn’t seem to be connected to the router anymore.
Yes I will have to try that. I have a lot of devices connected here, that need to be shutdown for that (e.g. a NAS), so would have been nice, if the reset worked via the remote as well. But maybe the power on/off one time will reconnect it

How many devices usually are connected to the router? If is is over capability of your router, this will be happen.

About 18 devices in total. 5 of them are yeelights
So I don’t think that the reason is over capability

What’s the type of your router, 18 devices are enough for lots of routers.

It’s a Fritzbox 6490:

Usually this router can handle a lot of devices. And btw the ceiling light is the only item in the network with that behavior

Well, what’s the firmware version of your ceiling device?


Please leave your xiaomi account, I will add you into whitelist, so you can have a try with latest firmware which makes some improvement of the issue.

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Thanks! Here is my ID: 1578905808

Are there also new firmwares for the

  1. Bedside lamp 1 (MJCTD01YL)
  2. Color bulb (MJDP02YL)
  3. Mi LED Desk lamp (MJTD01YL)

Done, have a try.

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Ok so I tried the firmware for sometime now, but still the lamp gets unavailable all the time. Here a screenshot of the home assistant state of the 650:

So you can see, that the ceiling light becomes unavailable and available again. The red part represents the off state, the green represents the on state and the grey part represents the unavailable state.

Can I provide you with any information, that would help you to debug this?

@dingyichen ?

@dingyichen Any new solution here?