Yeelight App using python

Dear Support,

We are trying to develop a GUI application to control a group of yeelight RGB bulbs. We have qty=90 bulbs on two walls. Basically there are some trophy boxes each of them having one light bulb.

We are using python library to connect and control the bulbs. There are a few issues which we are facing:

Since the quantity of bulbs is large i.e. 90, we have divided our network into two separate access points and joined them together on the upstream using a xiomi router 4. We can see all 90 bulbs connected. All the bulbs have their IP Addresses reserved based on Mac Address.

The main issue is slow response of all the bulbs on tcp sockets and unavailability.

1- At a time, we cannot discover all the bulbs, the maximum number we can get is around 70 and on average only around 40 to 50 bulbs are discovered in discovery function. How can we solve this issue?

  1. It takes a lot of time to send command to the bulbs. Roughly around 500 ms per bulb. We have tried with only 3 bulbs on the network and same response. Is it normal since they are being controlled by LAN and not VIA Cloud server?

  2. It is also noticed that every 4th or 5th packet has lag. Normally we have around 1 to 2ms ping response but every 4th packet has a response >430ms. This was also tested by having only 1 bulb in the network so it can be because of traffic congestion but a delayed reponse of bulb.

Any help from the support is welcomed on the above issues .

What is the specific model are you using and what’s the firmware version?
Normally, WiFi bulbs should not be used for this kind of deployment. The latency, the interfere of the RF and the processing capability of the router will make the system a mess.
If you do want to make this kind of system, you’d better to check out BLE mesh or Zigbee technology which can support large networks and group commands.