Yeelight mesh lamps

With the new app version is possible to add the mesh devices, but i have one doubt.

Can i use the xiaomi clock or the yeelight speaker? I need to add the hub device to the app or the device is just a bridge?

I am using the Xiao AI Clock and 18 BLE Mesh Spots/Downlights.
The new Yeelight App is Recognising my BLE Mesh groups from Mi Home, but it is very buggy and slow. If I hit On/off or Brightness, it takes about a Minute until the Lights are turning on or so…
In the meantime I’m using Google Assistant to Controll the Lights, that works fine for me.

I hope the new Yeelight Mesh Hub will be released very soon!
The Only Problem with the Mesh Lights is that they actually need Internet Connection to use it with Automations. Hopefully the new Hub will bring a Offline Feature (Rj-45-Port).

My Wifi-Yeelight devices are also working without Internet Connection

For me i main problem will be the wall switches, i think that the mesh devices are not compatible with the yeelight bt switches…

I’m using the Aqara double Rocker Zigbee Switches, Aqara Hub and the BLE Lights.
It works good !