Yeelight Strip showing “No Response” in Apple Home app

The Light strip works for about 20 hours with HomeKit and then stop working. Will there be a fix for this soon?

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Yes, fix should be published in a week.

Thank you! I have also noticed that Google Home can’t control the light strip too, and now I can’t control it with HomeKit even after a reset.

Week is passed, when firmware will update?

weiwei, users want to get an answer! :face_with_monocle:

What about the fix for Apple HomeKit?

Already published, please stay tuned. It’s currently in “grey” state, that means 30% users will see the update. If all goes well, 50%, 80% and 100% user will see it.

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When will this update be rolled out completely? My device will not connect properly even through the Yeelight app.

Currently have firmware 2.0.6_0073 on light strip pls but always shows as not available in homekit but is accessible from Mi App.
Removed all and traded and worked in HomeKit. 24hrs later it doesn’t work again.
Using Aqara hub

I have exactly the same issue! :weary: It seems to come from the rooter but I really don’t understand why… Please Yeelight, patch this!

I’m having the same issue here : I reset the yeelight strip plus and less than a day later, it’s disconnected from HomeKit. Was working fine and one day, a big bullshit : not connecting in HomeKit more than a day…

Weiwei, when is the next update to resolve no response in homekit app. Its already been atleast a year. Such a bummer, should have bought a different brankd. Tskkk

I have exactly the same issue! :worried:

No Response from Home app and Yeelight company :joy:

This is happening to me also. All my lightstrips are showing no response.

Any updates to fix this?